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Enhancements Corporate Review & Update

AmeriPlan is starting off 2011 with a bang. Read about all the exciting enhancements in our Corporate Review.

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AmeriPlan presents the ideal plan of action with a special limited time offer for existing IBOs .

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I’ll be posting the latest news from our corporate offices as I received them. So please keep coming back and also don’t forget to visit my other sites too!

January 4th, 2011

This report was posted to us on September 20th letting us know that we’ve save many members over 83% for the services we offer!

Hospital Advocacy Special Report

AmeriPlan is so proud of the latest report received from the Karis Group we want to be sure you have the information to assist in your sales. The AmeriPlan Executive Summary Report for the period ending 7/31/10 indicated as our Hospital Advocate they are earning savings for your members at over 83% of the medical bills they work on for Ameriplan members. Thought you would be interested in this production.

As many of you know Hospital Advocacy is included in our flagship healthcare membership, Total Health. We are very pleased that, in partnership with the Karis Group, we have been able to save our members so much money on expenses that could easily exhaust a family’s finances.

September 28th, 2010

5-a-Month Club

August 9th, 2010


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